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"Congrats to Rhea Lana's of Lewisville-Carrollton on reaching Top Rated 50+ on Consignment Mommies!"

Consignment Mommies

"I LOVE RHEA LANA's! I get so many compliments on the adorable things that I got for my daughter at the spring sale, and the best part is that my check for the items I consigned MORE than covered what I spent for her entire spring/summer wardrobe!"


"It was so nice and organized, great customer service! Not to mention I got a full summer wardrobe for my little one for less than $40!! You can't beat that!!"


"There was a great selection and I was able to find lots of stuff for my little girl! I loved how organized everything was. I plan on being a consigner for the first time on the next sale."


"This was the best sale that I have been to. I found 4 pair of shoes for my daughter and 2 were new. Love it!!! I cant wait until the fall sale."


Rhea Lana's of Lewisville-Carrollton is not only a FANTASTIC place to shop, but a wonderful place to bond with other volunteers! The owners of this sale are great people all around! We are set for the season!!


"Rhea Lana's of Lewisville-Carrollton had everything and then some! I couldn't believe the selection! Plenty of clothes in every size, shoes, cute accessories, equipment, fun toys, books, and puzzles! A lot was even brand new! Looking forward to the next sale!"


"We recently visited the spring sale and I found a ton of great deals 7 dresses, 5 shirts, picture frames 3 movies, few baby items, shoes and flip flops galore and some of the items I bought still had tags Brand Spanking new and I got about half of these at the 1/2 off sale! I consigned this year and almost doubled my check from the time before! The store was clean and organized. I also enjoyed getting to work at the sale and after. This is a fine bunch of people. I can't wait for the Fall sale!"


"I loved this sale! I racked up for my girls and even bought for my best friend's children. I just can't turn down such great deals on what makes our kids look so good!"


"Got a great deal on some things for my granddaughter. Found clothes with tags still on them and several outfits in all my favorite brands! GREAT organization, and very friendly staff."